If you’ve found yourself here, then obviously that’s because you’re a female entrepreneur with your finger on the pulse – or you will be soon – and you’re ready to take control and do everything you can to achieve your dreams and desires.


Welcome to our community!


As successful female business owners and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how it feels to know that you have a great idea/product/service, but to need that little bit of extra support, guidance, and – let’s be honest here – someone to be candid with you, to challenge you, to motivate you to be your best self, and to play devil’s advocate occasionally.


That’s why we’ve set up Mastery – Business, Branding & Mindset. We’re both experiencing the highs of business now, and are full of gratitude for the flexibility and financial freedom that our lives afford us these days. That said, we’ve both worked really hard to achieve our goals, and have hit many a low over the years. (If you don’t believe us, feel free to ask us when you attend!)

The thing is, we appreciate that running a business is hard, and running a business as a woman can hold additional challenges.

However, we’re not only here to tell you that all challenges can be overcome; we’re here to do more than that, because we want to see more women in business succeeding on their own terms, and carving out their own niches.


That’s why we also show you how to implement these strategies in your business, using simple, practical tools. We know from experience that when the correct strategies, a purposeful business model, and personal branding that resonates with your dream clients, aligns with the correct mindset, this is when you are un-stoppable!


We also fully empathise with anyone who is reading this, nodding their head and agreeing with every word, but already worrying about whether they feel confident enough to attend, and whether they would not ‘fit in’. Why do we empathise? Because we’re both introverts who have had to learn coping mechanisms to get us to where we are in business today. We appreciate how hard it can be, because we’ve been there.

That’s why we keep our events intimate, and why we work within small groups on the day. It’s also why we use idyllic venues, surrounded by nature, and with plenty of ‘break-out’ space. This way you can be as sociable as you feel comfort with; whilst knowing there is always a quiet area for you to retreat to, to process ideas and re-charge your batteries with a cuppa and a slice of cake should you need to.


We take pride in the fact that we work in a way that works for you. Whoever you are, and whatever you want to achieve, we can take away the mystery and provide you with some much needed mastery.


After all, life as a female entrepreneur shouldn’t be a struggle; especially not when you have fellow successful business owners offering advice, sharing positive tactics, and providing you with approaches that will work for you. Believe us, we’ve learned a thing or two about how far resilience – and the right shoes – can get you in business…and it’s further than you currently think.


Hollie & Lucy x

Mastermind Day at Beamish Hall Hotel on 22nd September 2019